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Firedome is a leading developer of unique software-only cybersecurity solutions for the IoT device manufacturing industry. Firedome’s solutions are based on real-time, endpoint dynamic architectures designed to help companies prevent, detect and respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks


Firdome’s solutions are tailored to smart device manufacturers for home IoT, IIoT, and enterprise IoT.


Firedome provides IoT manufacturers with a multi-layered, holistic security platform designed to help them protect their brand and customers from the outcomes of critical breaches and attacks on their branded devices.


Firedome has offices in New York and Tel Aviv. The company employs multinational cyber, embedded, research and analysis experts.


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Microsoft and Firedome offer complete IoT device cyber threat detection, prevention, and response

The new strategic partnership is designed to enhance the cybersecurity capabilities of Azure Cloud customers.



New York, NY, February x, 2020 - Microsoft Azure Security Center for IoT (ASC) and leading IoT cybersecurity solutions provider Firedome announced today a strategic partnership, combining Azure Security Center for IoT’s leading threat monitoring and recommendation service with Firedome’s game-changing protection and response capabilities. This partnership will provide a dynamic, end-to-end cybersecurity solution for IoT device manufacturers, creating an ideal combination of AI-driven insights and cyber protection capabilities tailor-made for IoT devices.

Microsoft ASC extends manufacturers’ existing cybersecurity views to the entire span of their IoT solutions, for a true panoramic view of all resources and devices. With the power of Microsoft Threat Intelligence for threat alerts and recommendations and easy integration with other device management tools, ASC offers advanced security posture management.

Firedome offers a unique, real-time, endpoint cybersecurity solution for IoT companies, with broad detection abilities, interoperability across multiple operating systems (Linux, FreeRTOS, Windows and Android), and scalability to millions of devices. Firedome provides a multi-layered holistic security platform that includes a lightweight agent backed by machine learning and a dedicated 24/7 security operations center, that detects, prevents and responds to attacks on IoT devices, thereby eliminating security breaches, decreasing operational costs, and reducing emergency firmware upgrades. 


Firedome recently announced a $10M Series A funding round, completed only nine months after the seed round. Firedome was also named Best of CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree. 


Microsoft's Azure IoT Security team and Firedome will jointly showcase the combined solution with presentations and demos at[NAME OF EVENT], [LOCATION].[BOOTH #] 



“As we were very impressed by Firedome’s Endpoint Protection solution, it quickly emerged as a natural candidate for integration into our protective service offering,” said [NAME], [TITLE] of Microsoft. “We view this partnership as a way to enrich Azure Security Center with new response capabilities, to close the gap and offer true end to end, real-time IoT device protection to our manufacturer clients. The fact that the Firedome solution is compatible with a wide array of embedded operating systems is a huge advantage”.



“We are proud and excited to join forces with Microsoft Azure Security Center for IoT,” said Moti Shkolnik, Firedome’s Co-founder and CEO. “Microsoft chose Firedome as its strategic IoT security partner. This is exciting news for IoT device manufacturers looking for best-in-class cybersecurity protection for their device install base. Together, we can offer the industry’s best threat visibility, with both Microsoft Threat Intelligence and Firedome detection, and add Firedome’s dynamic response capability to block detected threats”



About Firedome 

Firedome has developed a unique, software-only solution for IoT manufacturers to protect their device fleet. Smart device manufacturers for home IoT, IIoT and enterprise IoT can now rely on Firedome’s unique and innovative dynamic, real-time endpoint solution. Firedome provides IoT companies with a multi-layered holistic security platform: prevention, detection, and response, to protect themselves and their clients from the outcomes of critical breaches and attacks on their devices. With Firedome Endpoint Protection, IoT companies can eliminate security breaches, decrease operational costs, and reduce emergency firmware upgrades. Firedome has offices in New York and Tel Aviv and has thus far secured $14.5M in funding. The company employs multinational cyber, embedded, research and analysis experts. For more information please visit




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